Double Explosion Handclap - Crazeeeh


Our first Statistic is based on, how many people have commited suicide knowing the Double Explosion Handclap, and how many who have commited suicide not knowing about it, or not succeeding in learning it.
The green colour is those who have made suicide not knowing of it, and the red is those who knew of it when commiting suicide.

As you can clearly see, the chance of commiting suicide is 100 % bigger, when you don't know the Double Explosion Handclap.

Our second statistic is based on how many people felt better after having learned the arts of the Double Explosion Handclap.

Total people learned: 2
Total people with raised selfconfidence: 2
Selfconfidence boost in percent: 100%

Our third statistic is based on the living time of those who knew the Double Explosion Handclap, and those who didn't.

Total people learned: 2
Living time of those who learned: 16 and 17, and rising.
People who didn't learn it: A LOT OF DEAD PEOPLE!!!!!

So, clearly, out of this statistic we can conclude, that learning the Double Explosion Handclap, until otherwise is proven, grants immortality. And basically, you'll die if you don't learn it in time.